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OSP-M8 8-door I/O board
Provides the professional, advanced and scalable access control system. The system includes 32 door access control panel (OSP-CA40), 8-door I/O board (OSP-M8) and I/O expansion linkage board (OSE-1160 / OSE-0160 ).
Working with OSP-M8, it supports up to 32 doors (one-way) or 16 doors (two-way) ;
It also supports to connect I/O expansion linkage board x 8 for integrating other linkage applications.
Multiple panels of OSP-CA 40 can be applied to a single project to control more than 10,000 doors.
It's a great solution for large-scale projects, like government projects, public utility projects, corporations, hospitals, or financial institutions..est.

• With RS-485 interface, working with 32 door control panel (OSP-CA40) to connect input / output door devices, like door sensor, exit switch, lock and alarm • On-board 16 input ports, provides each door 2 input ports for exit switch and door sensor • On-board 16 output ports, provides each door 2 output ports for lock and alarm • Built-in watchdog function to prevent the device from halting • Strengthens ESD protection to enhance the anti-interference capability