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Isn’t it very familiar singing sound!? You certainly knew this is the main fragment of the "Return to Innocence" in Enigma' records for the theme of the 1996 Atlantic Games. Nevertheless, you definitely don’t know that this section of singing sound actually came from Taiwan! Does it make you surprised? There’re much more to make you amazed about……..

Can you imagine that Bill Gates made commercials for others? Don’t doubt about it as it’s absolutely true and correct, he has done that for Taiwan!


Do you know which country Bill Gates has attended to the launching venue for Vista in particular?
It was Taiwan, too.


Taiwan is a small island located at the edge of the west Pacific Ocean habited with 23 millions people Since the literal history, it had been ruled as a colony by Spain, Portugal, Holland, Japan as well as China during the past several hundred years. Even till today, Taiwan still suffers the force threat caused by the People of the Republic China (PRC) with over 1,000 guided missiles aiming on Taiwan. Nevertheless, it has never changed the nature of amicability, diligence, honesty and democracy-loving about Taiwan people. In 1996, people on Taiwan have already voted their elected president directly. It has ended the 50-year long totalitarian dictatorship ruled by the Chiang Kai-shek group peacefully. And people on Taiwan have established their own country since then.

After many years of efforts, people on Taiwan have got rid of the colony status and play as important positions among various industries, such as TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited) is the largest re-foundry manufacturer worldwide and UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation) is the second largest re-foundry manufacturer in the world are located in Taiwan. The worldwide largest provider of independent semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test --- ASE (Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.) is also based in Taiwan.

There’re over 85% of notebooks are made by Taiwanese factories in the world.
There’re over 80% of motherboards for computers are also made by Taiwanese factories in the world.
There’re over 50% digital cameras are made by Taiwanese factories in the world.
The production of thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels (TFT-LCD) produced in Taiwan is the largest worldwide, too.
Although it’s public listed on NASDAQ for GARMIN, the leading brand of Global Positioning System (GPS), its research, development, design and manufacturing departments are all based in Taiwan.

According to statistics, there’re more than 150 kinds of electronic information products made in Taiwan; all are positioned as the number one (No. 1) globally.