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Some people said IC cards should be interpreted as the integrated company due to the tiny and small card actually requires to unify many different areas of professionalism to complete.

Although there are no world-class multinational companies from Taiwan, all those world-class large companies do need to obtain OEM (original engineering manufacture) services from Taiwan to enable themselves to maintain making profit with the growth. For example, brands for portable computers like DELL; HP, digital cameras like Kodak,Nikon,and Canon; APPLE iPod and iPhone, also include the most popular game devices like x-box,PS3 and Wii are actually all produced by Taiwanese factories. One of the core competences about Taiwanese people is because the Taiwanese people are quite capable to gather various aspects of manufacturers who specialize in different technologies and manufacturing to produce products cooperatively with excellent quality at competitive prices. This key factor of gathering various professionalism to work out excellent products with team-player mechanism makes Taiwan OEM factories an unique position in the global markets.

The production of IC cards started from the wafer manufacture (please don’t forget that Taiwan is the largest wafer production base in the world) and it needs many different areas of technology to unify the production. This is exactly what the most competent and the most competitive capabilities which Taiwanese people empowered. It might be a little late for Taiwan to start producing IC cards, however, Taiwan has been able to produce the good quality IC cards to comply with the strict requirements of quality during the past several years. And we certainly maintain the advantages to provide all the most competitive prices to the world.

Now there’re 9 dominant manufacturers, each from the very top of the individual industry, apply for the manufacturing strategies to set up this Association of Taiwan Card and Tag Industry, now officially provide you card and tag and their related products with high quality at low price to the world Following the successes of portable computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and video game consoles/game players, we are confident to bring you another surprising shock by the Taiwan-Make card and tag. Now, welcome to visit our website and do have a look at it!